Before Your Appointment

Whether you are planning your first, 20th, or only tattoo, there are tips and tricks to consider prior to your appointment to help your tattoo experience run more smoothly.

First, a CRITICAL thing to think about before you schedule your tattoo… we STRONGLY advise against swimming (in pools or ocean) during the healing process. Everybody is different, and the healing period following a new tattoo can sometimes take weeks. So, if you are visiting Fort Myers Beach on vacation, please consider setting your appointment for the end of your stay, so that you aren’t tempted to take a dip and permanently blemish your tattoo.

Dawn Webb uses her creative talent to tattoo the shoulder of a customer.

Eat a large meal an hour before your appointment to avoid any nausea, and allow your stomach time to settle prior to getting your tattoo. Feel free to bring small snacks and bottled water during breaks!

Drink PLENTY of water before and during your tattoo experience… we would rather stop frequently for bathroom breaks than deal with a dehydrated client.

Do NOT consume any alcohol or mind altering substances prior to your appointment. This includes painkillers and blood thinners. The more you bleed, the more difficult your tattoo will be for your artist.

For the sake of your artist’s comfort, please wear deodorant and avoid any heavy perfumes or colognes. For YOUR comfort, wear something casual, comfortable, and loose… We advise you to wear dark colors as well, as tattoos DO spot blood and can stain clothing.

Set aside enough time before and after your appointment before jumping on any time-restricted errands, so that your artist doesn’t feel rushed to meet your deadline, and you can take the breaks you might need without feeling pressured by the clock.

Don’t forget to pack a phone charger/ear buds (you might be sitting for awhile) and cash to tip your artist!

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