Welcome To Paradise!

Award winning tattoo shop in Fort Myers Beach, Florida Check out the best winning tattoo shop anywhere in Fort Myers, Florida

Paradise Tattoo has provided award-winning custom tattoo services to Southwest Florida since 2011. Located in Fort Myers Beach, we ensure a one-of-a-kind tattoo experience to local and visiting clients alike.

We are confident our artists will bring your dream tattoo to life. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel as comfortable and welcome as possible during the process.

A Different Kind of Tattoo Studio

We know you’re passionate about your tattoos… we are equally as passionate about our craft! As a result, we have a stellar reputation in customer service.

Because we love what we do, we work to break the old stereotype that tattoo artists are exclusive and calloused. We are grateful for the support of our clients. We strive daily to provide the absolute best custom tattoos, while holding ourselves to a standard of professionalism that is rarely matched.

Although our staff of tattoo artists is small, we are highly skilled in a wide range of tattoo styles and traditions. We put a very strong emphasis on custom ink. We are confident that we can bring your tattoo idea to life.

We invite you to check out our Gallery to view a collective of our work!

At this time, Paradise Tattoo does not provide piercing services.

Tourists Welcome!

We have clients from all over the United States, and even the world! We love helping tourists get a piece of custom artwork that will be a forever reminder of their Florida vacation.

We ask that our tourist clients consider setting their tattoo appointment for the last day of their visit, as to avoid any disturbance or discomfort while vacationing.

Feel free to check out our Before Your Appointment page for more information!

For custom tattoos by accomplished artists in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, choose Paradise Tattoo.

Check Out Our Work

The most important part of choosing a tattoo studio is finding an artist that specializes in the type of tattoo you want.

Paradise Tattoo of Fort Myers Beach is the best place to get your Florida vacation tattoo!

Before Your Appointment

We want our customers to have the best experience possible when they get a tattoo at our studio. Here are some helpful tips.

Let the tattoo artists at Paradise Tattoo give you the perfect tattoo to remember your Fort Myers Beach Florida summer vacation!

Important Aftercare

For a beautiful, long-lasting tattoo that you can be proud of, the most important part is aftercare. Here are some suggestions.

What Our Customers Say…

I have been to Paradise Tattoo three times and I will only let Dawn do mine. The place is very clean and the employees are nice courteous and care about you and what u want. My last tattoo was a picture of my dog and it was absolutely the best I have ever seen!!! Its well worth my trip from Illinois to Florida to Paradise Tattoo!! Dawn's the best!!

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